50 ways to humiliate your slave on Cam

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All slaves and submissive males are given strict humiliation by their superior female Mistress. It keeps them in their place and maintains the power stays with the female, as it should. If you are a sub who uses live femdom cams then there are no end of ways you can be humiliated by the powerful women online. The mean bitches online at this webcam domination site have wicked imaginations and sadistic personalities and they enjoy the degradation and humiliation they inflict on you.

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If you are a female dominant then here are 50 ways for you to humiliate your slave on cam.

1 – FOOT WORSHIP. Shove your feet up close the webcam, or place it on the floor for a worm’s eye view, and then make him demonstrate how he would kiss your feet, lick them and suck your toes.

If you are ready to learn…

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Humiliation on webcam

Ready to be laughed at and degraded on live cam? Our Mistresses are waiting to use you and degrade you on live femdom cam chats. We love to laugh at sissies and losers and force them into dressing up and becoming our sissy girls.Get ready to be used on live cam right now.

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When we humiliate little bitches, we do it well as we enjoy all aspects of online ridicule and degradation and to watch our little bitches doing the most pathetic things or they are threatened with exposure, this always makes us laugh.They know their duty is to please, not to speak just to suck, not to talk just to swallow cum and what ever the Mistress or master wants the little bitch jumps to it.This is exactly what little whores are used for and when it comes to the meanest of tasks you can be assured these girls are awarded them all.


From cleaning toilet pans

To licking dirty shoes

to eating cum loads


Th list goes on and on but most of them they are trained on how to suck a cock, how to please a real man and what to do when it comes to making enough money to please their owner/master .

Dressing them up and letting the world see just how prissy they look, selling them onto other Mistresses or Masters who may have use for them after their training is finnished. Abusing them is what we do best and we do do it best, when it comes to making them feel little and disgusting we do it well, to make them feel shamed and embarressed  is all in a days fun for an online femdom. So if you are ready to see our pictures and read more information on our sissy sluts humiliated you can begin reading the info on our main site which is full  of pictures, videos and loads of stories about our fun degrading little bitches like this.

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Sissy Humiliation

Spanking you was so much fun you dirty little slag

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Maid hog tied

Why don’t you just open the door to the delivery man and get that pizza sissy?

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